(An Education & nutrition program in association with CAF / ADOBE)

(An Education & nutrition program in association with CAF / ADOBE) Charities Aid Foundation of India in collaboration with ADOBE, provided assistance to run the nutrition and education programs in Nithari village for nearly 60 children. Priority has been given to providing support to school going children as well as dropouts and small children fighting malnutrition. Child education has been focus area of the organization since its inception. Keeping the same in mind, NDS is focusing on girl child education in all its programs.


S. No. Activity Target beneficiaries last 3 years Achievement last 3 years Percentage
1 Non-formal Education 300 243 81%
2 Remedial Education Program 105 105 100% all the children were provided supporting education to reduce drop out from govt. schools
3 Balwadi (pre-primary education) 170 167 98% All children got nutrition support throughout the year
4 Nutrition 170 167 98% Special attention on cooked food in the centre with best quality
5 Clothes and dress 270 270 100% distribution of dress shoes and educational kit to each child