Support My School

(Charities Aid Foundation India)

This program is set in the villages of Distt. Sonepat, Haryana where 80-90% of the population is below the poverty line. The Support My School program mainly deals with intervening in the government schools in this area in order to improve their functioning on five fronts:

1. Sanitation
2. Plantation
3. Sports
4. Rain water harvesting
5. Pure drinking water facilit

The component of sanitation deals with ensuring that all the schools that have been selected for the intervention have fully functional toilets for girls and boys with as many facilities as possible.

Small lawns have been grown and trees have been planted in the school campuses to emphasize the need for and pros of Plantation. Also, the scientific learning of the oxygen-carbon dioxide balance is reinforced.

Sports facilities include building/repairing the athletics ground, Badminton court, Basketball court etc. playing sports fosters team spirit among children and add excitement to their school life.

We have ensured that any new construction that has been done in these schools takes care of the Rain Water Harvesting System that we wish to implement via this project. All the roofs of the school buildings have been constructed in such a way that all the collected rain water flows into a single outlet and is collected underground. Moreover, we have also made repairs in all the previously existing buildings in order to achieve our goal. The Rain Water Harvesting System has been put in place for the restoration of the ground water level in the area.

As part of the project Clean Drinking Water has been provided in the schools by means of constructing water taps. Ultra Violet filters have been attached to these water taps to ensure safe and pure drinking water for the children.

The campaign was built on around following pillars to create maximum impact:

  • Build mass awareness on importance of water and sanitation and how it impacts education. 
  • Engage communities and schools in providing solutions. 
  • Bring all stakeholders on a common platform. 
  • Reach out to at least 10 million people. 
  • Raise funds NGOs and masses to directly support at least 100 schools. 

Project Locations in Haryana:

  • Village Garh, District Sonepat, Meerut Road, Haryana
  • Chitera, District Sonepat, Haryana
  • Middle School, Jatjoshi Village, District Sonepat, Haryana
  • Village Deepalpur, District Sonepat, Haryana
  • Secondary Pubsara School (run by Haryana Govt.)
  • Village Khevra, District Sonepat, Haryana
  • Village Livaspur, Bahalgarh, District Sonepat, Haryana


S. No. Activities Targets achieved in numbers
1 Access to Water 7 tanks 1000 for direct collection of water, 8 tanks 750LTR for collection of filtered water and 1 tank of 500 LTR. 24 taps to supply water, 8 UV system,
2 RWH System The system is groundwater recharging system using 10 filter tanks 6x6x6 FT, 110 to 140 FT bore well, using with 5" radius pipe throughout the way.   collection of water from roof top with 21 pipe lines
3 Toilets 16 separate toilet facilities for girls and boys having 29 urinals, 8 toilet, one washbasin, 18 pit with 1x1.5 Mtr. Diameter each. 28 urinal sheets, 31 flush systen, 20 tap system, concrete flooring & roof top (only girls toilets) & tiles work and four 500 LTR tanks.
4 Plantation and Landscaping 40 various brand of big trees, green grassing with 6" ground filling with soil, covering nearly 600 Area, park wall, 150 small shrubs around the park .
5 Sports 1 set of basketball poll, 1 set of badminton poll, 6 rackets, 1 net, 1 settle-coke box, 1 full set of cricket kit with mat, 2 basketball,  concrete basketball & badminton play ground, 3 new swings & jhulas & 2 swings repaired.