Targeted Intervention Programme

(Association with Delhi State AIDS Control Society Govt. of NCT of Delhi)
Targeted Intervention Program is aimed at offering prevention and care services to the high risk groups such as Female Sex Workers within the community by providing them with the information, means and skills they need to manage HIV transmission and improving their access to care, support and treatment services.

The program is also focused on improvement of sexual and reproductive health among these populations and improves general health by helping them reduce the harm associated with behavior such as sex work.

NDS has completed its annual coverage target of 1000 FSWs and has registered 1261 FSWs till date.


  • To provide information of control and prevention of HIV/AIDS amongst target population (FSW)
  • To increase awareness about STD/HIV/AIDS among the clinic attendees and targeted HRG Population (FSW).
  • To enhance knowledge for prevention of STI/HIV/AIDS.
  • To increase availability of treatment option for STI in the Targeted HRG Population.
  • Encourage health seeking behavior amongst them and Peer Educators for providing support to those tested positive for HIV and AIDS.
  • To encourage them for safer behavior for sexual interaction and increase availability of condom.
  • To organize referral services to the HRG.


S. No. Activities Targets achieved in numbers
1 No. of HRG contacted at least once (new Contacts) 1302
2 No. of HRG contacted at least twice  in a month (Repeat Contacts in Month) 1024
3 No. of HRG who have come to the Project clinic once 3117
4 No. of HRG who have treated in the Project clinic with presumptive treatment 102
5 No. of HRG who have treated in the Project clinic with Syndromic treatment 388
6 No. of HRG who are screened for Syphilis 662
7 No of HRG counseled 2258
8 Number of HRG referred to ICTC 1551
9 Number of HRG tested for HIV 939
10 Total Number of condoms distributed (Free) 314455