Health for All - Now


This program is being run in 3 villages of Sonepat District in Haryana. The program has been supported by GlaxoSmithKline. Though the company has been conducting various community welfare programs since many years, this is its first time it has ventured to set up and run a regular OPD in the villages. Initially, the idea was to cover those families who are living in the nearby area and whose members were working in the GlaxoSmithKline factory. Later on it was decided to cover as much of the community as possible.


  • Institutional registration of each ANC
  • Institutional delivery of each new born
  • Proper immunization both mother and child
  • Promotion and adoption of family planning methods
  • Providing OPD facility at the community level and inculcate health seeking behavior
  • To orient young boys and girls about safe sex behavior in the life
  • To develop linkages with community and nearest Primary Health Centre so that every person can avail the facility


S. No. Activities Targets achieved in numbers  
1 No of patients covered 3024
2 No. of patients treated 2580
3 No. of patients referred 197
4 No. community activities conducted 12
5 No. of school programs organized for adolescent 04
6 No. of ANC reg. in govt. hospital 147
7 No. of institutional deliveries 42
8 No. of orientation programs conducted 05